Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Sunglasses Make the World Seem Grey

There is a sign in my town that's been there for a while; it reads, "Now Open: Lunch Buffet." It's blowing in the wind and a corner has fallen down.

There are two men walking side-by-side, dressed almost the same. The colors they wear are different, but the articles are twins.

He looked at me today, his eyes were wandering down. I didn't mind the compliment, but I resented it just the same.

The bus driver's talking politics. I wish that he would stop. he's pretending to understand socialism, I want to pop him one.

I've had many erotic fantasies whilst riding on the bus. Is it a metaphor for my life, or just an effect of the vibrations I felt?

I liked someone at a gaming store, I thought he liked me back. He said he wanted to "get in my panties" (gross), I messaged him something angry back.

I don't need someone who fulfills a list, just someone I like a lot. Maybe when I find this person, they will really want me back.

Or maybe I will just be riding this bus, forever moving between two points, losing sleep over someone I've never even met.


  1. There are these cool RayBan sunglasses you can get that make the world all bright and yellow...

  2. Would you be the RayBans? Are we in Metaphor Land? No, it's just me? Okay...

  3. My RayBans make the world look dope.

  4. Fun post, I often have the same things happen to me on the bus, I think it started happening after I watched the butterfly effect and the end effected me to think that I might be walking past the love of my life.

  5. I've had those feelings many times Ambles, in fact msot of the moments in my life is like this not just bus journeys. The worst part is I am usually disappointed by the majority of people I meet lol but there has to be someone awesome out there right?

  6. Don't worry about it so much, I know it is hard but you will find that special someone in time. I have and have been married for a long time now and I am happy, used to think I would not find this special someone just like you are here but I can tell you it will happen, and usually when you least expect it so be the best you can be everyday for you never know when you might meet mr right! :)


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