Monday, March 9, 2009

Losing it

I am at work. There is nothing to do. Someone please please tell me you can hear me screaming! And also tell me absolutely anything funny/interesting/in English to keep me from going completely insane!

The past few days have seen my return to the blogging world. It has also allowed me to realize that, when you leave said world and then suddenly reappear, some people may not still be there to greet you! So to all the people I have mercilessly abandoned in my time of non-blogging despair - I am sorry, and will do my best to comment on all your blogs as soon as I can!

In other news, Gossip Girl is FINALLY new tonight! (Isn't it?) And although I realize that to some of you this is hardly important (nay, that it will in fact cause you to roll your eyes and mutter something bordering on profane), to others, like me, it has been a long time coming. In the last days of our little GG drought, I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night, unknowingly muttering the names of Chuck and Blair over and over again like lost lovers. Where have they been? And who exactly was I meant to turn to in this time of need? Surely not to real people! In the end though, I must admit that the whole Chuck and Blair, will-they (have sex again, say "I love you", etc.) or-won't-they plot-line was getting a little tired. I sincerely hope they have had time enough to work out that little kink.

And then there is my life, which I have posted about to some extent over the course of the weekend. The weekend, however, has yet to be fully covered... so I might be getting to that over the next couple of days... or tonight, if I'm bored, which is likely.

For now though, I will have to attempt to find some form of work to do at work. Monday is such a bitch. (Just kidding, Monday. Please don't hurt me!)

P.S. I realize I have been using a great deal of italics lately. To the point of excess. And beyond. Is it getting to be a little much? Because even I'm starting to get annoyed.


  1. As my blog is down (grr), I must live vicariously through other bloggers.

    However, I'm very tired and slightly delirious, so I'll keep this short.

    Watch some proper TV! Like... Damages!

    (Although I have heard from numerous, female sources that Gossip Girl is quite good!)

    But why are there a list of staple shows that every girl watches...

  2. Hmm, I have nothing interesting to say. I'm feeling confused by this time change, but don't worry I'm lurking. Oooh, that sounds creepy!

  3. Sebastian:
    1)Always nice to know I'm not the only one who's delirious. Although yours is due to sleep-deprivation...
    2)"Quite good" is a relative term. I would not recommend that you watch this show... if only because I have a feeling that at about 2 seconds in you would suddenly lose all respect for me and your numerous female sources.
    3)Because we are pack animals. It's just like nerds and World of Warcraft... or in the old days, Star Wars.

    Stephanie: I'm just glad you said SOMETHING! (Oh and btw, if you're commenting you aren't technically lurking, so you really aren't being creepy at all!)

  4. Nope! No new GG or One Tree Hill until next Monday! I'm right there with ya in despair :?

  5. Every single television show I have ever loved has been canceled, and the ones that haven't have turned pretty bad. The one shining exception is The Office. Some people need Gossip Girls, I need Dwight Shrewt.

  6. I am very sorry for your loss. Or losses.


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