Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Heart Sundays

Sitting here with my cup of coffee (in a mug with a picture of mounties on it, how cool is that?), I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards my manager, who did not schedule me for work today!

For those of you "in the know", I did have work with The Coworker yesterday... and thankfully, I did not make a complete and utter fool of myself. (I'd already taken care of that little feat last Saturday!)

Everything was, in fact, pretty normal. He was charming, and smiling, and slightly antagonistic, as always. I was smart, and laughing (not constantly, obviously, as that would've been cause for concern... and immediate psychiatric attention), and as friendly as I reasonably could be without reminding either of us of the events which caused the other events (i.e. my un-requited confession, caused by excessive text-message flirting.) Things got a little awkward once or twice, when I mistakenly let things go quiet, and was sure we were both remembering that which we would've been ever-so-fortunate to forget.

Oh, and I was dying. I'd literally (not figuratively) had zero hours of sleep that night, and at one point I felt I was in serious danger of falling down and smashing my head against the hard-wood floor. Luckily I did not fall, and in fact was allowed to leave EARLY since there were an unnecessary number of employees in the store.

In the morning, the zero hours sleep had translated into giddy hyper-hysterics enhanced to the enth degree by Stevie Wonder and LOTS of coffee. In the afternoon, however, my giddiness disintegrated and was replaced by a sleepy, grey colored mood... which in turn inspired this poem which I wrote on the bus. And then I got REALLY serious, thought about my life in terms of what was missing (which I absolutely do not recommend, by the way,) and after getting home from listening to some very good/very sad music, wrote this "song" (is it a song if there's no music?)

And so today, a day in which I am responsible for nothing, I am doing nothing. Yay, nothing! Yay, laziness! Yay, life!

In other news, SNL is officially good again! So say I, so says everyone (I don't know.)

Stay tuned for my future (read: better) blog post, in which I blog about: my blog crush (!), Mr. Tilney (Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen), and the similarities between the two. (Preview: "they're both charming and
they're both fictional!")

That's right, you are now fictitious, consider it a compliment.


  1. Ooh, I like your new avatar on your blog; it's actually... cute!

    Slightly gormless, but it's OK, I like it when lips are on display.

    I liked the poem; and I think a song without music is 'a lyric'!

    Looking forward to your fictional blog entry...

  2. Actually cute? I'm not so sure that's a compliment! And gormless... isn't that a British word for stupid?

  3. Well, here is my answer to the question asked in an earlier post. Glad it went well.

    I'm still catching up on everyone's blog.

  4. Ugh...the awkward after effects of spilling your guts. It feels good to say what's on your mind at the time, but afterward you just get that feeling of "uh oh, what did I just say?"...haha.

  5. Yah, kind of like, "crap, now it's out... but wait, I thought that's what I wanted!"

  6. Can I just say? I have a little crush on Kristen Wiig on SNL. She is fa-bu-lous

  7. Oh my God, me too! I LOVE her!


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