Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I attend a very important class at the local community college. This class, although severely underrated, never fails to benefit me in some way. Whether it be in improving my knowledge of myself, other people, or the world in general, I always come away from it knowing something I didn't know before.

This class.... is Aqua Aerobics. Seriously.

In fact, I learn so much through this class that it could be broken down into several subjects... such as:

Psychology 412: The Psychology of Mood-Lifting
A course exploring methods with which to instantly improve your mood without the aid of legal/illegal stimulants; How to feel like the hottest thing on the block in under 60 seconds.

Sociology 610: Age/Gender Co-mingling
A course study in the advantages of social interaction between those of differing ages and genders; Why older women and younger women should form bonds; Why men should be encouraged to become involved in activities which are traditionally "feminine."

Music Appreciation 250: Introduction to Music: The 80's
A course examination of popular music in the late 1970's through 1980's and its relevance to today. Dancing around like a fool is encouraged, as is genuine and apparent enthusiasm. Previous knowledge of music in general is not required.

Dance 301: Introduction to Movement
This course covers select dance moves from various different eras and styles of dance. Includes "how to make jumping up and down for a minute strait look sexy."

Fashion 121: Swimwear
An in-depth study of current trends in swimwear. Includes such topics as: The differences between "athletic" swimwear and "beach" swimwear; Why Victoria's Secret bathing suits are ALWAYS hotter; The inevitability of swimwear malfunctions; and "Why Ambles always looks so much happier in her bathing suit than she does in regular clothes."

What can I say? I love this class! And if you were there with me? You'd love it too.
Because happiness is infectious. And because, well, who doesn't love dancing to "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summers?


  1. I'm giving you an award for you blog, go to my site to grab it. =D

  2. I'm all for the music, but for the dancing? I think I'll pass. I was born without a sense of balance or coordination.

  3. These are great classes. I wish they had the 80's class at my university :P

  4. Why do you feel happier in your bathing suit...? Are you packing something astonishing behind that shawl?

    I did enjoy the camaraderie of various group activities at university; although I never did dip into the dark realm of... sports.

    (But my opinion of sporting types was slightly sullied by the rowdy ball-sport types!)

    But hey... bouncy, bouncy... *watches*

  5. hilarious. you had me at "previous knowledge of music in general is not required."

  6. April: Thanks!

    B.A.G: The water takes care of that... no gravity, no problem! (Okay, I know there is still some gravity...)

    Diana: Have you looked into Jazz Dance? Might be the closest thing :)

    Sebastian: Don't be crude. Or you know, be less obvious about it :)
    Of course I look amazing in my bathingsuit! But really it just colorful and *ahem* flattering. Also, I don't do sports... things flying at my head while forced to make my brain focus? And failing at it? No thanks.

    Ohitslove: Thank you, I knew someone would appreciate that.


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