Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Dreams May Come (and bug the hell out of me)

Part One: Sex and the City makes me want to shop!!!

For the most part, I'm pretty well satisfied with my life... I live at home, but I love my family (and we actually get along, gah!); I work in retail, but I like my co-workers (one in particular I like a little too much, but we'll get into that later); and I have friends whom I adore (though some of them unfortunately live very far away!)

For me, it's all the little things that really count, like the fact that I can be made inordinately happy with the mere mention of musicals - live or filmed, have a very good time being obsessed with certain books (Harry Potter and Twilight series', anything Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde, etc.), and love nothing better than a good night in playing SingStar or watching the beloved TV. But sometimes, I come across something that makes me feel as though I need to drop everything and become a world-wide success (and subsequently become filthy-stinking-rich) IMMEDIATELY! One of these things is Sex and the City. I love this show for many reasons... unfortunately one of these reasons also makes me feel severely inadequate, and that reason is THE CLOTHES. I know, I know, it's just material, they're just possessions (I barely even believe that at this point), but that doesn't change the fact that one episode later and I am more than convinced that if I could only dress (and maybe even look like) Carrie Bradshaw, my life would be A MILLION times better!!

Honestly, I had the computer on my lap while watching, and before the show was even over I had this very strong impulse to go to and completely re-invent myself. (For me, UO is like the version of SATC that I can actually, sort of, afford. I know it's not the same, don't be confused.)

The good news is that I PREVAILED! I resisted the online-shopping urge and am no more in dept today than I was yesterday (or the day before, when I bought two Cd's I really didn't need.)

(Part two to come. Although I should mention that the only things Part One and Part Two will really have in common are the titles and the dates published. Bare with me, it's fun.)


  1. UO is my FAVORITE store ever! :)

  2. I'm a total Urban junkie. And, I've never watched Sex in the City because I thought it was an overly girly stupid show. Oh, how wrong was I when I watched the movie!? It's great!

  3. Krystal - I know, it makes me poor!

    Stephanie - You should watch the show, it's like a MILLION times better than the movie!

  4. urban who what?? I havent lived!!!

  5. My thoughts are that if I had the money, I would have an amazing wardrobe and be so well dressed. But alas I am not rich and my clothes are starting to look tethered from so many years of wear. I feel your pain!


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