Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Abba's in the living room, and Dorota will get your coats

As those of you who joined I Wish My Life Was a Musical! on Twenty Something Bloggers may have guessed, I am very much in love with musicals. So much so that my friend Alana and I have this long-standing wish to actually live in one!

So, In an attempt to make our lives more musical, I recently purchased this game

Right after buying this movie

(Yes, I'm a spend-head... don't judge!)

Anyway, Me and my brother Drew (who is straight by the way, just in case this post confuses you) got home at around 6pm last night and started playing Abba SingStar on the PS3... and we didn't stop playing it until 8. Needless to say, I love this game! Not only do you get to sing your ass off to all the Abba hits you know and love, but the music videos that play along with the songs are amazing. Outrageous costumes, makeup that looks like it's melting under the not-so-perfect lighting, and absolutely hilarious choreography = Pure 70's magic! There's also a bit of 80's and early 90's in there, which doesn't hurt.

There is, of course, one flaw in the magical world of SingStar; and that is - if you thought you could sing before, you won't after playing this game! I am one of those people who loves to sing in and out of the shower, and most of the time I think I sound pretty good. Not amazingly fantastic and earth-shattering, but not horribly out-of-tune and pathetic either. Playing this game, though, makes me think maybe I am more of the latter. Somehow I always seem to conveniently forget this right before playing (we also have the 80's SingStar), and the shock of it all can be a bit embarrassing. But then I recover and forget about the embarrassing part, and sooner or later I find myself being humiliated by my own lack of skill all over again! It's the cycle of life, or something. (Alana was really excited to come over and play, until she got here and realized that Oh, right, this is a game where you have to sing in front of people!)

On another note, Gossip Girl is getting darker and darker. I just finished watching it on the DVR and let's just say it was almost as depressing as last week's! But seriously, I'll be the first to tell you that I was thrilled with all the new plot-lines that came to light before the holiday break, and I still think it's genius of the writers to give us a story we can actually break our hearts over - I just don't know how much more of this I can take! Thank God for Dorota, she's just the subtle kind of comedic relief I need!

Until tomorrow (or, you know, later),


  1. I'm not a huge musical fan but I do love gawdy costumes and the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I would never have the balls to actually sing along with a game like that, so mad props to you, lady! :)

  2. I loved Mamma Mia and am a huge fan of musicals! One can never go wrong with karaoke type games. :-)

  3. I joined the musical group. I often wonder whether I'm in a longing ballad or upbeat overture. :)

    I'm feeling that games like American Idol and Rock Band are killing my soul for karaoke. I need a good ol' fashioned karaoke night.

  4. oooh I laaarv it darrrling! Singstar, is so now sweety :) Sounds like you've been having a blast!! Mucho Fun :o) xx

  5. LOL, thanks for the comments guys... glad to see I'm not the only weirdo out there ;)

  6. Guys! It's Dorota. And she rules. I'm glad everyone loves her as much as I do.


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