Monday, January 19, 2009

The Kids Don't Stand a Chance. And Neither Do I.

Today I went to work.

It was... fine. (This is where my friend Paul would say, "fine is the F-word!" but I don't care, I simply cannot think of a better word. Sue me if you must.)

The Co-worker and I actually spent quite a few hours side-by-side this afternoon (which between you and me, is probably a few hours too-many. See evidence below.) The store was moderately busy, I was busily (and somewhat happily) doing little projects (orders, receiving) near my register, and he was busily (and complacently) doing whatever he was doing (other projects, of which I have little interest) by his.

Now, you would think that with all the work that was actually (for once) taking place on a somewhat-busy Monday, there would not be much occasion for talking, arguing, and socializing in general. Not so. (Topics included were: I heart Andrew Bird, The Co-worker's rather odd competitive side, and boats, obviously.)

Things got a little heated when the discussion turned to Second Saturdays, and I told him, rather blatantly, that although he habitually stalks my Myspace and makes fun of me on Facebook, that we are "not friends in real life." He didn't seem to take this part well, conceivably because it indicated an actual human emotion, and not just witless banter (our usual, and preferred, mode of communication.) After the initial exasperated (or was it just shocked?) response of "What?!" he concluded that I was mad at him... or if not mad (I told him I wasn't,) than disappointed. This was obviously not a favourable conclusion to him either, as he told me, quite a few times, that I "couldn't be disappointed with him." (As in, "please don't be disappointed with me," only without the "please" part.) To which I replied, "Why not?"

In case you have absolutely no idea what the hell I am talking about when I say, "the discussion turned to Second Saturdays," let me just do a VERY SHORT re-cap. About a week ago, I asked The Co-worker to go to an art/music shin-dig that I would be going to as a part of the local Second Saturday festivities. Being that The Co-worker is both artist and musician, this is a rather obvious sort of thing for him to take part in. However, he said no, he would much rather stay at home. I then felt rejected, obviously, but he apparently never knew this. (To which I say, "Idiot." But not out loud.) Today, the discussion turning to Second Saturdays basically translates into the Co-worker and I doing verbal fisticuffs ("fighting") over why, in any rational universe, he WOULD NOT be interested in going. Ever. Let me just conclude this paragraph by saying that, if one has to successfully argue a point in order to convince a certain person to go out with them, it probably wasn't worth it to begin with.

I would like to say that my rather shaky quick-draw of the guilt card eventually resulted in a win, but sadly, such is not the case. In the end (after the "you can't be disappointed in me's" and "why not's" were over,) the subject was dropped, changed, and forgot about. But not really, at least by me. Obviously.

(God, we really are like an old, married couple. No wonder he jokes about our kids. Idiot.)


  1. awww :( arguments are never fun and men are such prats at times.. they dont realise the consiqences of their actions most of the time ! x

  2. MEN. (with a deep, deep sigh) they are just sooo annoying at times. *wink

  3. I can practically hear you thinking out loud. I love it. Men are stupid. The sooner we all realize this, the better off we are.

  4. So, let me get this right. He wants to go out with you, but he said no when you asked him out? Hmm, something wrong with that one. Or maybe he just wants to be the one to make the first move? When I want to go out with a girl for the first time, the last thing I want is to go into unfamiliar territory. It much easier to look cool on your own "turf".

  5. Idiot, indeed. Not worth your time!!!

  6. Emmie - Yes, plus most of the time they are just clueless (sorry guys) about what is going on in our heads... which means that usually all I'm trying to do is get a reaction. (Oops, did I really just admit to that?)

    Ella - Indeed. One of the facts of life, I guess.

    Kim - LOL, hopefully not all of them... I think they're brains just typically work a bit different from ours.

    Gary - Interesting. What makes you think he wants to go out with me?

    Erin - You may be right. Ohhhh, you may be right.

  7. Ambles,

    If he is making any effort what-so-ever to make up for not going to this music shindig, he likes you on some level. If he didn't, he would most likely make up some lame excuse and would leave it at that.

    Also maybe he didn't want to get caught lying about something? Maybe he just said he was in a band so he could look cool and now that you invite him to do something musical he would be walking into a self-induced trap. This happens a lot.

    I once told a girl that I was a drummer because I thought that it would make me look more "badass". Our first date ended with me being asked to fill in on drums for her best friend's band. Worst date ever.

  8. Gug I so agree... Clueless is far too polite.. I much prefer DUMB :o) xx

  9. i agree...IDIOT. guys are dumb..they don't realize when they toy with us and it's worse when they know it and they're just jerks. i like how just by reading this i'm frusturated with him..yet i'm still rooting for you.

  10. Gary - No sale. But thanks!

    Emmie - Fine, have it your way :)

    Alana - Yay! One should always root for my bad decisions ;)


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