Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey Man, It's All Good (Or Something)

OK, so I realize it's been a while since my last (real) post. Sincerest apologies.

But see, I took this vacation, on a boat... and we got lost... and suddenly we were stranded on this desert island, with cannibals... and no Internet! Or I've just been a little out of it lately.

Turns out, making yourself forget about someone you like is a little harder than I thought. Especially when said someone keeps texting/facebook commenting every time you (almost) stop thinking about them. Normally I would think that this sort of attention, though limited, is a sign that he likes me... that is, if he hadn't already rejected my invitation to join me for the Second Saturday shin-dig that he absolutely did have time for.

Be that as it may, the Second Saturday thing was still a lot of fun. In this town (read: small city,) the second Saturday of every month is an event in itself. Local cafes, boutiques, salons, restaurants, etc. are transformed into venues for the arts. Local artists display their work and local bands provide entertainment. It's all very, ummm... now. Or something. Anyway, one of these venues is a non-profit organization headed up by my mom and her friends, so me and Drew (my brother) were there to show our support/hang out on the couch and act like total weirdo's. At one point, we had a "live art installation" entitled "our living room," which consisted of sitting on the big red coach in the middle of the festivities, and acting as if no one else was there, but in a nice way. The piece came to a crashing halt, however, when I got up to go to the bathroom and two other people sat in my seat. Also when the headlining act began playing and we decided that "this, would never happen." All in all it was a great night - a ton of people showed up, the performances were great, and the "energy" was amazing. It was their (my mom and company's) first time in a new place, and it was pretty perfect.

Other than that, I've had the last couple of days off, and school starts next week. I know I probably won't feel like this for long, but I'm actually looking forward to a new semester. It'll give me something new to obsess about for a while. that is, if I'm not too busy playing SingStar!


  1. Good luck with the new semester and you're right - being able to stop thinking about someone when they're constantly reinserting themselves into your life...is HARD!

  2. Good luck with the new semester. I also got excited for new semesters, until, you know, they actually started. :) And I tagged you in a music-related meme, so check my blog por favor. Have a nice day!

  3. I hope you have enjoyed your break & good luck with the new semester, the new year, and that special someone :)

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  5. Frankly - thanks, you totally get me

    Bee - yes, I too will be done being excited by, say, day two. but hey, there's still my favorite cafe to soothe the blues! thank god it's so close.

    Femme - thank you, thank you, thank you

  6. i absolutley hate when gusy shut you out..aqnd it's liek FINE i'll get over you and then randomly they'll come bcak and talk to you and you'll get that feeling back and it's ridiculous. and i hate how every girl goes through the same thing..which ultimatley means..all boys are the same.

    sorry for my typos...i'm usually one to fix them but today is not the day that I want to be a spelling bee champ

    good luck this semester.

  7. Alana - it is quite alright with me if you are not interrested in spelling... and yes, it is ridiculous!


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