Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be Kind, Don't Rewind

Tonight I am a little sad. I have finally been made to accept the fact that, as the world-famous book and now soon-to-be movie says, "He's Just Not That Into You" er, me. Luckily, Jim Sturgess is here performing right in my living room (via "Across the Universe", in Blu-ray) and who better to cheer me up than a sexy crooner such as himself? (And British too!)

So for those of you who were absolutely besides yourselves with worry over my fate during the dreaded New Year's Eve in Touristville, you can finally relax! I AM ALIVE!!! And no, I did not get sent to the tent, thank God! Thankfully, all the really drunk people stayed outside, so I got to avoid them as well. All in all, it was not quite the crisis situation I thought it would be. Which, unfortunately, is rather boring for you. So I'm sorry. I will try to follow through on the discontent at a later date.

For now, Jim Sturgess is calling, and I'd best not keep him waiting!


  1. *pats* *pats*
    there there,

  2. Just found your blog through 20SB - and it sounds like Jim is the perfect remedy to this situation! Hope you have a calm and comfy new year - and that you can put whoever isn't into you out of your mind quickly = )

  3. Happy new year to you! Isn't Jim a fantastic remedy? What a lovely, British voice. (:

    Like Kyla Bea, I found you through 20SB, too. Hi!

  4. Hey guys --
    LOL, yes, Jim is fantastic! I wish he would start doing some MORE musicals!!! Thanks for the support and thanks or reading! (Follow my blog if you want to keep track of future posts)

  5. across the universe is easily one of my favorite movies. Oh and Joe is fantastic in it


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