Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Andy Warhol Thinks I'm Awesome

Today was the first day of my new history class, and I was... classic.

I got up at 8am sharp (well no, my alarm got up at 8am sharp, I got up around 8:30) and stumbled into the shower, did my makeup as quickly as possible (for me) and threw on the BEST first day outfit of all time - my dark purple jeans, paint splatter top, reddish-coral sweater, and a very cool shawl (yes it's possible) which I think is reminiscent of Andy Warhol and his Pop Art genius. Oh, and black fingerless gloves from Urban, to ward off the morning cold.

I was supposed to get a ride from my brother, but when I finally dragged myself out of bed, he'd already left (perhaps I forgot to remind him of our carpooling plans.) As it was already too late to take the bus, I asked my mom to drop me at school. (She was none too pleased, but took me anyway... ain't she sweet?) But on our way there, I suddenly realized that she was taking me to work and not to school! However, I REMAINED CALM! I would only be a few minutes late... not a huge deal.

When I finally made it into class (second floor, down the hall, on the left) everyone was already sitting down... and I do mean EVERYONE (the class was pretty full, so I had to ask to be directed to an open seat near the back.) As I walked through the rows of seats, past the students all agog at the apparently very late me, I was very aware of the unusually bright outfit I was sporting - Red sweater! Green fingernails! Multi-colored shawl! And gloves! Look at me! I am late, and I'm LOUD!

Turns out, I was actually a full HOUR late, not just a few minutes. Whoops! Guess I should've read that course schedule a little more carefully!

On the plus side, I definitely made an entrance... and I stood out, with my head held high, and my Andy Warhol Shawl a-blazing!

On the down side, I now have to maintain this polished-spazz appearance... because, hi, you can't just go to class one day in brights, and show up the next day in dreary darks. There's no hiding now!


  1. lol I need photographic evidence of your colourful outfit!

    It actually sounds kinda funkayyy x

  2. Lol! Hey, hey, hey... it's called being fashionably late. I do it all the time.

    Okay so I finally got around to your MeMe and I must admit, I LOOOVED IT! it was way too much fun. Umm... don't be mad but I tagged you back in a different tag, you see I was tagged 3 times. Anyway go check it.

    P.S. You must post a pic of the Andy Warhol-esque shawl.


  3. Oh, most def. Once you make your mark as the "polished-spazz," you gotta maintain it. And it takes work! Good luck this semester.

  4. Ah, back to school! I'm so glad this week is over :)

  5. i know the pants but an andy warhol-ish shawl??

  6. Thats awesome. I like to make grand entrances as well.

  7. Damn, other people already beat me to it... where is the photographic evidence of this 'polished spazz'?

    It reminds me of the time I went to a lecture in just a dressing gown and slippers...

  8. Ack! I can't post pictures because I lost my camera... Sooooorrry!

  9. Awwwww crap! I was going to ask for a pic of THE OUTFIT as well! Doh!!

  10. LOL. I've got multicolored fingerless gloves and my classmates looked at me like I had two heads when I walked in. I guess I looked like a hobo...oh well.

    Sorry you were late for class, guess that means the professor is gonna be watching you. I hate when that happens.

  11. He actually didn't seem to mind... good news for me!

  12. You just made everyone in that class interested in you.



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