Sunday, February 1, 2009

Forget Smart

Okay, so I know that (in theory) the new age of technology is supposed to make all of us much brighter, well-rounded, well-informed citizens of the planet we call earth. And believe me, I know all the right things to read, listen to, watch, etc, to insure that I become one of these super-people (or snobs, depending on how you look at it.) But sometimes, I just need a break.

Enter shows like "Gossip Girl", "Kath and Kim", and others, movies such as "Get Smart", "Baby Momma", and "Momma Mia!" and any music that makes me want to dance, rather than nod my head in agreement. For the record, the fact that I have become so overtly snobified as of late has caused me to publicly mock possibly all these things, before eventually breaking down, giving in to my inner low-brow child, and finding out that, "Hi. I love them!"

Ask anyone in my family which movie I watch most frequently, and they will probably say "Just my Luck", "Moonstruck", or "Arthur." This is because these are movies that a) I enjoy, and b) I don't have to think about. Some of them are just plain bad ("Just my Luck" for instance, is clearly crap, but it's also just so pretty and ridiculous that I end up watching it over and over again,) Some have received critical acclaim ("Moonstruck") but are floated by some as simply "awful" (The Co-worker and I have had many a dispute over this very topic,) and some are just plain brilliant (seriously, I defy anyone to say anything negative about "Arthur." It's genius, end of discussion.)

The point I am trying to make is this: Though I once referred to my questionable taste as "being ironic", I am now confident enough to tell you, "It's OK if you don't want to be smart all the time. Naps are good. Trust me."


  1. kath and kim is the single greatest show ever created in the history of television. plus it's like totally smart, idk what ur smokin' when you watch it, but to the rest of the world, it's often waaaay over our heads..

  2. Whenever someone in my apartment has an exam or a big essay due come home drink beer, eat cake and watch Disney movies. Sometimes its okay to switch your brain off for a night.

  3. lately, i love watching shows that don't make me top chef.

    the internet is so great because it increases access people have to information..but when people don't know what to do with that access it is kinda useless.

  4. I hate thinking all the time. I would rather just sing - which is why I love musicals. Singing helps me to stop thinking. And like you said, naps are super awesome.

  5. Drew - I know, Kath and Kim is awesome!
    Gary - Sounds good!
    Mia - It's Project Runway: Season 4 for me right now
    Things - Yes, this is why I Wish My Life Was a Musical was invented!
    Femme - Yes, only without the guilt!


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