Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where For Art Though, Duckie?

As women, we have been genetically programmed to seek out a mate with whom to breed a superior spawn. Or so they say. See, physical attributes, though appealing (at times) do very little to inform us of that one key thing - CHARACTER. Which is why, after careful consideration (I kid), I have decided to become more... wait for it... OPEN MINDED!!! (There's also a chance that a re-viewing of a certain iconic 80's movie has swayed my thinking. Let's just say I don't need a major appliance.)

Which brings me to.... My Obsession of the Week: Nerds!

Or should I say, Hollywood nerds?

Here are a few of my faves - - -

Nerds are amazing for many reasons, one of which is, they do not think they're cool (okay, some do... but for the sake of this blog we're going to pretend that isn't true), which means - less arrogance over all - which, let's face it, is a rare commodity.

Also, they will LUUUUV you! Traditionally speaking, when a nerd falls, he falls hard! No more guessing whether or not the guy likes you... if the guy in question is a nerd, chances are he's already told you... several times.

And last but not least, they listen. That is, if you can somehow manage to veer the conversation away from World of Warcraft, Fables, and the mythology of Star Wars. (Guys, if you're out there, don't be offended - you know I love you.)

So girls, next time you're walking around thinking, "Hey, who should I procreate with?" be smart, see a nerd.


  1. Was I alone in thinking that Duckie was going to come out of the closet?? I guess because I didn't watch that movie in the 80s, so the way he dresses really struck me.

    I'm all down for the movie nerd, but I've found real nerds to be way less awesome.

  2. I so love nerds too! you have great taste! x

  3. Mmmmmmm... Seth Cohen. He and Summer were the only reason I stuck with The OC for the entirety of the show. Love 'em!

  4. So why don't you create a list of 'nerds seeking girls for fun times, possibly more', and put me somewhere on that list...?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Ashley: Erm, no, I didn't think that at all. LOL, you just need to meet the right kind of nerd!

    Emmie: Thanks, you too!

    Orange: Totally, he was one hot nerd!

    Sebastian: Hey, I don't work for free, buddy! Besides, I would have absolutely no idea how to do something like that. And according to your blog, you really don't need the help!

  6. Sebastian: That's it, you are so banned from commenting! From now on, feel free to comment only if you plan on worshipping me!

  7. Wow, sorry... didn't mean to trespass on this sacrosanct and holy ground...

    *prostrates himself fully before the mighty benevolence of Ambles

    Please forgive me.

    And while you're at it, making a list of eligible nerds.


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